September 29, 2023



Losing abdominal fat is the challenge faced by any individual wanting to lose weight. From a scientific point of view, losing fat located on the abdominal area is impossible. On the other hand, spreading the fat to other parts of the body is quite possible. When we talk about “abdominal fat loss”, we are talking about reducing the visibility of the abdominal muscles.

There are many dietary methods for losing fat, gaining muscle, gaining weight, losing weight. . . In this article, 7 rules for losing abdominal fat are diplayed. Since each individual has his or her own health, physical condition and diet, these rules will not work for one hundred percent of individuals. However, with proper follow up and rigorous application of these rules, a remarkable change can take place on the abs.

The difference between fat loss and health

Image 1: Imagine a person who is used to eating high calorie foods: bread, pasta, sweets, fried foods, and who is not physically active. He decides to go on a diet

Image 2: Imagine an person who eats mainly unprocessed foods, eats high-calorie foods once or twice a week, and is physically active regularly.

Now imagine that the two individuals are both overweight and decide to lose fat.

The first individual will certainly have more positive than negative effects from adopting a correct and slightly low-calorie diet.

The second individual will have a small drop in fitness due to the diet, as he eats healthily all year round.

These two images have been put forward to illustrate that if you want to lose weight, you need to do the right thing.


Rule number 1: limit carbohydrate consumption

Energy, or carbohydrates more explicitly, can be supplied in the body by two different means. First, energy supplied directly through the diet. Second, energy made by the body itself. The second option is the most suitable if you want to lose fat. All you have to do is not force yourself to eat carbohydrates. Even though it is often said that you have to eat carbohydrates to be strong, to have stamina, you should not eat more than you need, but only when the tank is empty. For example, after sport.

Rule number 2: eat vegetables to satisfy hunger

When we are hungry, we tend to eat more fat (meat, hamburgers, chips, bread, etc. ) than vegetable fibres. However, it is beneficial for people who want to lose weight to eat vegetables when they are hungry. Vegetables calm hunger and provide the body with vitamins and minerals.

Rule number 3: reduce proteins intake at mealtimes

To lose fat, it is also advisable to eat a minimum amount of proteins at each meal. You don’t necessarily have to reduce proteins intake, you just have to vary the protein-rich foods, to avoid consuming a large amount at each meal.

Rule number 4: avoid snacking between meals

To lose belly fat, it is also important not to snack between meals. Eating every 3 hours, for example, should be avoided, even if you are a bodybuilder. You can save the fuller calorie rations for after the sports session, but snacking too often is never good for the digestive system. On the other hand, it also affects your intellectual speed of thought.

Rule number 5: avoid following the mass

Following the same dietary protocol as the majority of people, especially sports people, is not at all advisable. This is because they often fail to do so, and often blame it on bad genetics. To succeed or fail in losing weight, you have to experiment with your own diet. The one that we have found to be the most beneficial to our health and our body.

Rule number 6: avoid the fear of fat

Sometimes, once we want to lose fat, we start to fear everything that is fat. This fear should be avoided. Just because you want to lose fat doesn’t mean you have to remove every single calorie in your diet. From time to time, you can eat eggs, avocados, organic virgin oils and even a little amount of animal fat.

Rule number 7: avoid stress

When you go on a diet, you tend to get stressed. When you go out to a restaurant with friends or to a professional brunch, you have a plate full of fat in front of you. In these situations, you should not stress. On the contrary, you should indulge yourself. Breaking your diet is not a killer. You can make the most of it and do some sport the next day. In the end, the result is always positive.